I’ll have fish and chips please

A man went into a library. He walked up to the woman at the desk and said,
“I’ll have fish and chips, please!”
The woman whispered back, “This is a library!”
“Oh…I’m sorry,” said the man. Then he added, very quietly, “I’ll have fish and chips please.”

If you’d like to get hold of my books, you’ll find details of some of them below…



Illustrated by Shirin Adl

Published in 2018 by Otter-Barry Books

A riotously funny, colourful collection of 21 traditional tales of Mulla Nasruddin – written in collaboration with Khayaal Theatre. Khayaal have worked since the 1990′s to bring to life the poetry, stories, humour and imagination of Muslim cultures. This book, for readers 7 years old and upwards, challenges the stereotype of Islam as a narrow-minded religion which takes itself too seriously. The short stories are full of  questioning, wisdom and heartfelt laughter.




Illustrated by Claire Alexander

Published in 2017 by Words & Pictures

Iggy and Martina make a snowman. But their snowman looks more like a snowbear. A ride on a sledge takes the children deep into the woods. Is there a wolf down there? Does the snowbear actually come to help them? A simple, poetic tale of imagination and adventure in the snow, beautifully illustrated by Claire Alexander.

Iggy, Martina and the snowbear are hugely appealing characters and this funny, exciting picture book has a real sense of magic. It’s beautiful to look at and will stand repeated reading. LoveReading4Kids

Taylor’s understated narration, brings a sense of wonder and magic to the story. Publishers Weekly



Illustrated by Jean Jullien

Published in 2017 by Walker Books

Little Monster wants to be in a scary story – but then again, scary stories have creepy witches, creaky stairs, dark hallways and spooky ghosts. OH MY GOODNESS ME! Maybe a funny story would be better, after all. From the team that brought you bestselling HOOT OWL, MASTER OF DISGUISE, this is another original picture book that promises lots of laughs.

This is beautifully structured for reading aloud; a vibrant, viewpoint-flipping picture book that should lessen small readers’ fairytale fears. The Guardian

A cracking picture book…. Sean Taylor knows just how much scariness little monsters, purple or otherwise, can take, and his clever scaling back of the terror as the tale proceeds, is spot on for keeping young listeners on the edge of their seats. Red Reading Hub

Sean Taylor’s creepy cute adventure won’t fail to appeal to young book lovers, and makes for a deliciously collaborative story time experience. My Book Corner




Illustrated by Kate Hindley

Published in 2017 by Walker Books

Three small aliens from planet Zabalooloo are on an epic adventure to planet Earth. They want to get an elephant to take back to Zabalooloo. Will they succeed on their dangerous mission? Can they stop themselves getting over-excited?? Will they be celebrating with wiggle-woggle-dancing on the way home??? A new title from the makers of much-loved DON’T CALL ME CHOOCHIE POOH! Its goofy humour is guaranteed to get 3-6 year olds giggling like Zabaloolians!

a wildly inventive, contemporary picture book comedy…fascinating and completely attention-grabbing Whispering Stories Blog

As I reviewed this week’s book – ‘They Came From Planet Zabalooloo!’ – I found myself thinking… gee whiz Sean Taylor must be a bit mad… I wonder how much cheese Sean ate before bed when he was inspired to write this story? Whatever you ate, or whatever your process is Sean, please keep doing it, because ‘They Came from Planet Zabalooloo!’ has fast become a family favourite. My Book Corner Blog





Illustrated by Kasia Matyjaszek

Published in 2017 by Templar Publishing

One day a young girl receives a brand-new penguin outfit, and she never wants to take it off. Her family say, “You’re not ACTUALLY a penguin.” But she knows she actually is. A hilarious new picture book for 2-6′s, filled with life by illustrator Kasia Matyjaszek.

It’s warm, hilarious, with acutely observed behaviour and a delightful twist. The Guardian

Sean Taylor and illustrator Kasia Matyjaszek are on top form in a joyously comical picture book that celebrates the power of a child’s imagination… Lancashire Post

Anyone who has ever had, (or been,) a penguin, a pirate, a Robin Hood…or even an alligator… in the household will appreciate this book. Lots of fun. Books For Keeps



Illustrated by Emily Hughes

Published in 2016 by Walker Books

What is the bravest thing in the world? A brave bear. And who knows how to help a little bear be brave? His dad. A gentle, poetic tale about two bears on a hot day, magically illustrated by Emily Hughes.

…a delightful account of a father/son relationship. The Observer

Taylor’s concise narration is resonant with authenticity and psychological insight…Hughes brings it home with instantly endearing characters  Publishers Weekly

This is without doubt one of the most heart-warming reads of the year… Picture Books Blogger

This is one of those books that leaves you with a warm inner glow.  A truly felicitous author/illustrator partnership if ever there was one and a picture book to be read over and over and … Red Reading Hub




Illustrated by Kate Hindley

Published in 2016 by Walker Books

Kate Hindley’s brilliant and comical illustrations bring to life a story full of fun, dogs and silly names!  I might be little, but I’m not one of those silly, frizzly dogs you get. I want to be an ordinary, stick-chasing, puddle-jumping dog! And I don’t want to be called CHOOCHIE POOH! Guaranteed to get 3-6 year olds giggling.

A blisteringly howlingly funny laugh-out-loud book from start to finish! We couldn’t get enough of it! Read It Daddy Blog




Illustrated by Hannah Shaw

Published in 2015 by Frances Lincoln Children's Books

There it was, between the Greengrocer’s and the Underwear Boutique. THE CHEESE SHOP. It was stuffed full of cheese stinkier than old socks. And Daddypops said just what I knew he was going to… “We are about to carry out the World-Famous Cheese Shop Break-In.”

A laugh-out-loud new picture book for 3-6 year olds. Follow the rat family on a comic adventure which ends with them getting the surprise of their lives!

Taylor has the magic touch when it comes to picture book writing. Books for Keeps

Tremendous fun, each page is packed with the hilarious antics of these loveable characters cleverly realised with witty and bright illustrations. Carousel

…deliciously daft…The words and pictures are full of jokes and the surprise ending will have everyone laughing. Lovereading4kids




Illustrated by Neal Layton

Published in 2015 by Walker Books

Brilliantly illustrated by Neal Layton, this is an interactive, which-way adventure for 6 – 9 year olds which can be read again and again. Floyd asks his older sister why they can’t play down in the valley. She explains that scary things live there, and the scariest of all is THE BUGABOO! But when Floyd’s ball rolls into the valley the pair pluck up courage to go after it. So they find themselves among all sorts of  creepy and freaky creatures. At each stage the reader chooses which path to take and what dangers to overcome…though, in the end, all paths lead only to one thing!

The big, brilliant format will delight youngsters and their nostalgic parents in this choose your own adventure style story… The monsters are mad, the illustrations are fantastic and the book will be browsed again and again to find out which twists and turns can be taken next. Great fun indeed!’ Books for Keeps

I foresee family fights ensuing over this book and one copy in a classroom will definitely not be enough to cope with the demand.
Gloriously ghoulish, amazingly awesome and eminently re-readable; it’s brimming over with visual and verbal delights. Jill Shanti, Red Reading Hub

WINNER OF THE HAMPSHIRE ILLUSTRATED BOOK OF THE YEAR 2017  (in a vote by 7200 Year 5 children!)




Illustrated by Chris Garbutt

Published in 2015 by Walker Books

A goofy and warmhearted new picture book. Alfredo is invited to a party with disco lights and groovy dancing. He wants to go, but he has a problem. He can’t dance. No matter how hard he tries, all he ever does is…JUMP! JUMP! JUMP!

A great story about how an outsider becomes an unexpected star. Julia Eccleshare Lovereading4kids (Book of the Month, June 2015.)

It is an unlikely smash hit – but it knows how to to rock’n'roll. The Guardian

A very enjoyable picture book. Books for Keeps