Illustrated by Kate Hindley
Published 2017 by Walker Books

Three small aliens from planet Zabalooloo are on an epic adventure to planet Earth. They want to get an elephant to take back to Zabalooloo. Will they succeed on their dangerous mission? Can they stop themselves getting over-excited?? Will they be celebrating with wiggle-woggle-dancing on the way home??? A new title from the makers of much-loved DON’T CALL ME CHOOCHIE POOH! Its goofy humour is guaranteed to get 3-6 year olds giggling like Zabaloolians!
a wildly inventive, contemporary picture book comedy…fascinating and completely attention-grabbing Whispering Stories Blog

As I reviewed this week’s book – ‘They Came From Planet Zabalooloo!’ – I found myself thinking… gee whiz Sean Taylor must be a bit mad… I wonder how much cheese Sean ate before bed when he was inspired to write this story? Whatever you ate, or whatever your process is Sean, please keep doing it, because ‘They Came from Planet Zabalooloo!’ has fast become a family favourite. My Book Corner Blog