INSPIRATION – animated films

I’ve long taken inspiration from animated films.

You watch them and (as you do in a piece of puppet theatre) you sit knowing that what you’re watching is the craft of artists. But it’s real at the same time. In fact, the skill of the craft and the art draws you deeper in than many real things do.

The trick of bringing something inanimate to life is something all us storytellers set out to achieve. But there’s a special magic to the way it’s achieved in animated films which I delight in. And I like to take some of that delight to my writing desk.

Here’s are a couple of short animate films I’ve come across recently which work the magic I’m describing – at least on me…

One’s from France…

L’HOMME AUX OISEAUX // The Man With Birds from Quentin Marcault on Vimeo.

The other from Russia…

the theory of sunset from roman sokolov on Vimeo.


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