2021 sees the publication of two new nature books written in collaboration with ecologist Alex Morss.

BUSY SPRING is a follow-up to Kate-Greenaway-Medal-nominated WINTER SLEEP. And, like that title, it features stunning, life-rich illustrations by Cinyee Chiu.

Spring sunshine is nature’s alarm clock, telling wildlife to wake up after winter. You can see, hear and smell the signs of newness as the season arrives with a rush of energy.

What gives spring these characteristics? Why does it trigger a burst of busyness in plants and animals? How do they help each other to grow and develop? BUSY SPRING answers these and other questions, through a combination of a picture book story and an information section.

FUNNY BUMS, FREAKY BEAKS is a unique compendium of animal peculiarities. Why do living things look so different? Some animals may look funny or freaky, but their strange features have incredible stories too.

In this entertaining and informative title, illustrated by Sarah Edmonds, those incredible stories are told, and the advantages of some of the strangest features in the animal kingdom are explained.

Ideal for 7-11 year olds. Filled with engaging artwork and fascinating information.


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